Sunday, January 17, 2016

I volunteer

How many of us love a good story? Especially the stories where a hero is involved. Where the hero in some sort of way volunteers there alive for someone else in the story. To be a bit more specific, in the hunger games Katniss literally yells out the words I volunteer… I volunteer as tribute to, for her sister Primrose.  how many of us think about what it would be like to have a hero like that, to have someone who will volunteer their lives, the chance to die, just to save us? I bet the answer is yes for many of you who are reading this right now. I bet many of us wish we had someone in our lives that would sacrifice their life for us. I bet we would love to have somebody who would volunteer their lives to save us. I bet many of us wants a hero like Katniss.

Well here's the thing… We do. We do have someone who volunteered their life for us, we do have someone who loves us so much that he put on a cross for us. I used to not think of it that way. I used to not think of it in a way that Jesus volunteered his life for us he volunteered to Die on the cross for our sins instead of us having to  die for our sins, he died for them instead. He volunteered his life so that we may live.

Lets take a look at Barabbas in Matthew 27:16, Luke 23:19, John 18:40, Mark 15:7... But in this post, I am focusing on Matthew 27:16.

Bababbas' story in the Bible paints a vivid picture of this, paints a picture of Jesus volunteering for our sins, to die for them. See pilot ask the crowd who they wanted. He asked them do you want does notorious robber or the king of the Jews…and they responded Barabbas. Then pilot asked what what do we do with Jesus, what do we do with this man? And that's when the people shouted...crucify him! 

Do you realize that the Heavenly father could've save Jesus at any given moment? Do you realize Jesus could have saved himself at any given moment? But he chose and God chose to sacrifice Jesus' life so that Barabbas and other sinners, including ourselves may live instead of him. Jesus died for our sins, even though he did not have to! He is a hero of our story, he is a hero of our movie, if that's how you want to look at it! He volunteered his life to save each and everyone of us!

I can't make this up people!

 For years I have been looking, and looking, and looking for a hero in my life. For someone to come and save me, for someone to always be there and the thing is I would look in places I shouldn't. I would do things I shouldn't have done, and to be honest that lasted for too long, it was went on and off again for years and years. I would clean up my act and be the good girl I was supposed to be then I would hang out with the wrong crowd and get sucked into society and All the negative influences that I shouldn't of been doing and then it just ate at me until I was doing this and doing that, falling farther away from God because I was looking for a hero I was looking for something (anything but God) to Fill the God size hole in my heart. I was running from God. But a thing is, is that God saved my life (and yours) millions of years ago when he volunteered to take from my spot on that cross and finally in 2016 I am making it a point to live my live 110% for God instead of living my life to please those around me. I'm living my life for God instead of having sex and talking to every guy just because I want to find my future husband, now I know God will provide that for me. I am done living my life for me. So instead of doing all of that I'm going to be living for God and I want to volunteer to be his hands and feet. I want to volunteer to be his voice when I need to be. I would volunteer to live my life as God would want me to. I volunteer my life for the purpose of God's will here on earth. What do you volunteer for?

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